Why some people don’t succeed in life?


It is clear that some people won’t succeed in life. This is nothing but the truth. Why? It is a normal routine to go to school, study and then go to varsity, study then graduate. But unfortunately that doesn’t mean you are successful.

The success comes from you. It comes from what you so now and what you plan to do in future. While education is important in our life, but it is not always the key to succeed. Hard work and the intelligence can be a key to success.

Some people don’t succeed because of laziness. They want things just to come. Some they are already graduated but they are on the line of unemployment graduates. When it comes to success or getting job, the word ” Lucky” don’t even feet in.

When someone get something good, people thing that person is lucky. But that not the case. We have to look on which steps that person followed that leads him or here to success. Although there is nepotism but we don’t have to focus too much on that.

I believe that if someone use a brain. If you think deeply, you will end up getting road to success because all of us have potential. We have skills and ability to do something. We all have different gifts from our creator Jehovah God.

Yes, sometimes we fail in life and yes you will fail. We can’t run from that but that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. It might happen you repeated a module 2 or 3 times, that should be something that can push you to give up.

Do you know what to do when you failed? As failing is part of life, you have too go back to the drawing board, look where you fall and rectify it. In life we fail but we end up being successful only if we don’t give up.

Yes, you will have some criticism from your friends or relatives. They might call you by all sort of names. Remember, you are doing it for yourself. Just focus on the price. It doesn’t matter the years it can take to finish your diploma/ degree but the fact is, you will finish.

Can you answer our title? Why some don’t succeed in life? Because of laziness. They also give up easily and start to lose hope. They fear people and sometimes uses this words ” what people will say”. Such words are powerful and can destroy everything.

In Tsonga we say, far aways is the backwards. This means that, you wasted all those years and now end up having nothing. So this means now you are in the finish line. Now the airplane want to land. Don’t give up. Even if it will land after 1 or 2 extended years, don’t give it, the fact is, it will land at the end.

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By Edmond

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